Courtney is a model and a self-taught herbalist based in Los Angeles. I have been using her Elderberry Syrup for a couple months (which I LOVE) and wanted to talk deeper about plant magic, her early life and travel memories. 

Melisa: I have been a fan of Potions N Motions for a while now- can you describe  how you started exploring plant medicine, and how your upbringing and culture played a role in developing your interest in healing?

Courtney: I started getting into plant medicine about 10 yer ago when I started farming in Northern California. I was always fascinated with plants and how there is a natural way to take medicine- so from then on I started to grow my own and lean into the process of how to take the medicinal plants and create tinctures, hydrosols and salves. The more my hobby grew by growing and using my copper distiller to make stuff, the more I began deepening my herbal studies. I wasn't planning on starting a business and selling what I was making but the more and more people saw me using what I was making, the more people asked to buy it! Haha! I currently live in Los Angeles where I grow the plants I use to distill and make my potions. And I bounce up to Northern California where my family has a farm in trinity county.

Melisa: What is your earliest memory of travel? Was it with your family? What are some sensory and visual details that come to mind? Any particular taste or smell?

Courtney: Mexico! My family and I always used to travel to Mexico for both spring break and winter break when I was little. My best memories are from when I was a child definitely. I remember I learned how to sail. I used to do the trapeze shows, and run around the sun all day. Whenever I smell a sunscreen that is tropical it always reminds me of my times in Mexico. 

Melisa: What would the soundtrackf for this time and place be?

Courtney: 100.3 AM Radio - Oldies driving down a windy road in Northern Calirfornia. 

Melisa: Where do you dream of visiting next? And what are your travel essentials when stripped to an optimum? Clothing, music, self care and tools? 

Courtney: New Zealand is definitely first on the list. I always dream of going there and really diving into exploring the land. I travel a lot and always am on the go so I usually pack the same essentials - elderberry elixir, digestive bitters, incense, little pillow, film camera, journal, book, reusable water bottle, reusable bags, Canyon Coffee instant, Osea Products, and my rustic roots spray.

Melisa: Osea Products, Canyon Coffee and Elderberry are in my essentials too! So how about your days, how do you like shaping your day during travel? What kind of rituals do you like to include? Any SOS remedies? 

Courtney: I love a routine so when I am traveling I make sure to always make a new one. My mornings start with either making a coffee or tea, depending what mood I am in. Light an incense, write in my journal and usually try to get a little yoga in. I like a slow morning. Then I get ready to dive into stuff in the afternoon.

Melisa: And how does your culture inform your daily habits? What are some rituals that support your body alongside herbal remedies? 

Courtney: I love yoga and really giving my body the stretch and strength it needs. My body needs physical activity daily to keep me going and have sustainable energy. I can't just sit around all day. I need to get up and move and do something outside. That's why for me, I put a lot of attention into the garden and really be out there and picking and pruning all day. 

Melisa: That sounds beautiful. Can you fill in the blanks: 


Past: Fearless, Spontaneous
Present: Open minded, Creative
Future: Sustainable, Efficient.

Melisa: Lastly what does success mean to you? 

Courtney: Making dreams come true, why not turn dreams into reality ~

Thank you Courtney :) 


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