Nane Feist is a model based in Brooklyn, New York. She is a close friend and has been a huge support in developing my brand. We spoke a little about travel and rituals and it felt right to publish this as my first story. 


Melisa: My childhood travels informed what I do today in such a huge scale- what is your earliest travel memory? What are some visual and sensory details that come to mind? Do these elements and memories have a significant part in your life today?

Nane: My earliest travel memory is a family summer holiday to the Greek island Samos. Greece is still one of my favorite travel destinations. My parents taught me how to freely move with a good amount of spontaneity, tranquility, openness to explore and appreciate the Mediterranean food, sea and sun. Childhood family trips have always been an adventure with a curiosity to explore culture. I kept it that way throughout growing up but combine it with more rejuvenation and relaxation. Taking a break from my everyday routines and life is significant to me.

Melisa: Tell me a bit about your favorite trip so far – how was that like? Can you list a few favorites from this trip?

Nane: My favorite trip was you showing me Turkey last summer! Traveling with friends is the most special to me. Creating memories and enjoying togetherness. Turkish music and food is incredible. I love the jewelry pieces, soaps and beautiful bed spreads/towels I brought back from Istanbul.

"I truly believe to be your fullest and best you need time, space, self care and stillness first. My dad taught me that."


Melisa: Where do you plan on going next and what are some of your summer travel essentials? I am deep intro streamlining my essentials for travel. Any SOS items to remember?

Nane: I’m planning a long trip to Europe this summer. I’m keeping it quite open so far but Croatia, Portugal, France and Greece are definitely on my list. I don’t need a lot when traveling. Sunblock, a few bikinis, light linen and vintage dresses are my essentials. Oh, mosquito spray — they unfortunately love me. I mix it with my own with essential oils.

Melisa: And tell me a little bit about your routine during travel- for some it involves movement, for some it’s a lot of culture, and for some it can be rest. I love all of it… 

Nane: My travel routine changes with what I need most in that moment. Living in NYC is overstimulating over time so I generally lean towards a combination of cultural exploration with a lot relaxation and calmness. Laying on the beach with a cool glass of rosé sounds like pure heaven to me right now ! 

Melisa: You’re one of my closest friends and what I love about you the most (among many other things!) is how you really respect the time you give to yourself. Do you think your early culture informs your habits today?

Nane: That’s very sweet of you my Melisa! I truly believe to be your fullest and best you need time, space, self care and stillness first. My dad taught me that :)  

Melisa: What does success mean to you? I am curious about this subject nowadays and exploring what it means to me, stripping away the societal expectations. And it does not have to be related to career necessarily.

Nane: Feeling fulfillment and passion in your work, love, family, creative and social life.

Thank you Nane <3


Images by Melisa Denizeri. 

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